Il Terzo cerchio Stick 3000ml

3000 ml with sticks

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The third circle is the Dantesque of "greedy". Your home will be filled with good things. The combination of fruit, rum, vanilla and caramel will stimulate your desire to "sweetness".

The THIRD CIRCLE of dedicated environment fragrance from Wally gourmands to 1925 (the third circle is the Group of gourmands in Dante's inferno).
Starstruck at first "taste" who want to surround themselves with "cake": banana, rum, vanilla, coconut ...
This fragrance is perfect for decorating the kitchen and the dining room, also in the bedroom for so many sweet dreams.
Available in craft glass bottle, from the precious label, from 250 ml., 500 ml., and in the exclusive 3 Magnum Lt. with classic natural rattan sticks to make perfumes.
And in practice, eco spray 100 ml. to always keep on hand.
How to use: remove the CAP to the bottle and soak all the fragrance sticks, let them rest for a few minutes and then flip them. Repeat this procedure three or four times to make it absorb, throughout their length, the scent. After that you can simply flip the sticks once per day, less or more depending on the size of the room and taste.