Wally was born in 1925 under the sign of the swallow.

In the center of Prato, at the behest of Niccola Niccolai, was founded the Chemical Industry Pratese Colori and Affini (today L.C.P.L.A. srl). "Rondine" was the name of the company's most successful product, a dye that received the highest honors at the main exhibitions and brought it to the attention of the market.

In the same year, 1925, the company took over, for 25,800 lire, from Mrs. Pia Storti, owner of a prestigious perfumery workshop in Viale Volta in Florence, the "Wally" brand.

From 1945 to 1973, the activity continued in Prato, in the San Fabiano district led by Niccola's son, Nilo Niccolai.

In 1973 he passed to his nephew Riccardo Romano and his brother-in-law Mario Gestri who transferred it to the current headquarters in Via Della Robbia, 21 in Montemurlo.

Later on, Rolando Romano carried out his "mission" with competence and passion, aiming to promote and keep alive the Tuscan perfume tradition.

The current owners, Franca and Gabriella Gestri, cousins of Rolando, intend to guarantee the family continuity that has been handed down since 1925, besides the professionalism and quality of the production, of which the company has always been proud of it.